How it works

Before the dinner:

Hosts (Stuttgarters) and guests (Refugees and immigrants) each fill in an online form on our website.
The more information we have, the better we can find a fit for you.

You will get an automatic confirmation e-mail when the information gets transferred to us.

Then it is our turn to see who is your fit and (if possible) lives nearby. AS soon as we find a good guest-host pair,  the host will receive the name and contact information from the guests plus other important information (e.g. home country, language skills, eating habits) to organize the dinner.

The host then informs the guests (e.g. via text message) about the exact place and time of the Dinner. If you run into any problems don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

During the dinner:

Most important: Have fun! This is a chance for you to explore a different culture at first hand and meet new people.
You decide if you only eat together or also cook together. It is also up to you how long the guest stays.

We would like to receive a photo and a small text about your shared experience after dinner so we can publish it. It’s also fine if  the only thing visible on the photo is the food itself; but of course people make the thing more interesting. Please make sure everybody on the picture is ok with it being published.

After the dinner:

Whether host and guests will meet again is up to you.

Send us the photos and a short description of the dinner experience.
Feedback and suggestions are always welcomed!